Les Artistes

"Everybody is crazy, but me" april - july 2016
"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013

Born in 1969 in Iceland. Lives and works in Brussels. 

Gudny Rosa Ingimarsdottir’s works are often presented as installations where she mixes different mediums, such as sculpture, photography, sound, video, sewing, drawing, collage, and painting. Every work balances on the thin line between figuration and abstraction, with its own geometric structure and system. Her oeuvre builds itself slowly; some works can take up to 20 years in their making. Each line traced or removed has equal value, as to the artist things that stay are equal to things that are gone. Ingimarsdottir‘s creations are anchored in personal experiences and feelings, while at the same time reflecting universal emotions such as vulnerability and doubt.