Les Artistes

"Young Collectors" september - december 2013

Born in 1969 in England. Lives and works in London.

Steven Claydon’s body of work revolves around the transmission of matter and information. With his sculptures, paintings and videos, he reinterprets the vehicles – objects, images, texts – via which cultural baggage is communicated. He explores the mystique and possibilities of objects, trying to differentiate their social status from their innate materiality. “What I’m trying to do is to elicit or engender an original encounter,” explains him. “To try and remove provenance from a thing and to skew it, so that its roots and pedigree have somehow been contorted or conflated. To really mess with the appropriate nature of a material.” Claydon’s pieces reflect his fascination for conceptual and philosophical references, yet the result is playful, plenty of humor and visual puns.