Les Artistes

"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013

Born in 1953 in Spain. Lives and works in Valdepeñas.

Sculptor Antonio Crespo Foix has developed a body of work that researches and explores the idea of lightness. For some years now, his artistic practice has focused on weightless materials such as wires, pins and vegetable fibers that he uses to built his particular spatial vision. The artist plays with the textures and the reverberation of the tissues such as tulle and wool as well as pollen, which are trapped and fixed in a network of metallic pins, occasionally painted. The result of a great craftsmanship, Crespo Foix’s works are poetic by nature and move in the realm of the ethereal, the misty, the immaterial, and the weightless, all bathed with a certain kind of idleness.