Les Artistes

"Icon(s)" april - july 2015
"Obsession" january - march 2015
"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013

Born in France in 1953, she lives and works in Malakoff.

Sophie Calle is a writer, photographer, director; she works with both installation and conceptual art. Her family being close to such artists as Martial Raysse, Arman, and Christian Boltanski inspired Calle to become an artist herself. For over thirty years now, her art has been about combining her personal life and her art; she has successfully achieved this through books, texts, photos, videos, films, performances, and more. She challenges, in an original way, the liaison between private and public personae, truth and fiction. For putting her and others’ lives on display and sharing intimate details, she has been called a detective and a voyeur. Each work of art becomes a document, a catalog of her actions and of the interaction Calle engages in with the world in her own distinctive way. Her most extraordinary works deal with ordinary human tendencies; she explores the limits of how people interact with one another, as well as what are, or not, socially acceptable behaviors. Her work frequently depicts human vulnerability and examines identity and intimacy as well as the topic of absence.