Les Artistes

"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013 
"Sex, Money and Power" january - march 2013

Born in 1957 in the USA. Lives and works in New York.

George Condo’s loose, imaginative approach to portraiture has made his work renowned through the decades. His surprising and ‘cartoon-like’ portraits are on the boundary between beauty and grotesque, figuration and abstraction, reality and fiction. As he explains, "there was a time when I realized that the central focal point of portraiture did not have to be representational in any way. You don't need to paint the body to show the truth about a character. All you need is the head and the hands." Condo named his style “Artificial Realism” and since the 1980’s he has been creating paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures that feed on European artistic tradition, crossbreeding inspirations as diverse as Raphael, Goya, Velázquez, Picasso, and Manet. Dismantling and reconfiguring archetypes found throughout popular culture and art history, the artist questions and contemplates the foundations of our contemporary society.