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"Icon(s)" april - july 2015

Born in France in 1973, he lives and works in New York.

After living in Marseille, Zurich and Berlin, Anne-Lise Coste moved to New York, where she still lives and works. A key element in her work is graffiti culture. Coste combines text and drawings to comment on political, social and personal issues, as well as on emotional stages ranging from despair, anger and love to loneliness, doubt and confusion. Airbrush lends itself perfectly to her graffiti-like creations, but she also works with watercolor and gouache. She also finds inspiration in art history, as is shown by her series of paintings inspired by Picasso’s Guernica. Next to her graffiti-like paintings, Coste also creates installation art and street art in the form of poems she writes on walls and pavements.


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